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Published prices are based on costs at the time of publication. Stir Uganda Safaris Limited reserves the right to change published prices at any time before your reservation is made. Stir Uganda Safaris Limited also reserves the right to increase the cost of your Safari package if the Government imposes new taxes or increases existing taxes, the currency fluctuates, or fuel charges increase. Stir Uganda Safaris will inform you of any increases. Car hire rates may slightly increase in case there is increase in fuel prices by over 4%. The package price for the safari does not include international transport service.


A non-refundable deposit of 20%, of the safari package price, must be made and a confirmation issued by Stir Uganda Safaris Limited before any binding contract exists. Once we receive your deposit Stir Uganda Safaris Limited will invoice you for the remainder of the safari cost. 50% of the full safari fee should be settled 90 days before the commencement of the safari and the remaining 50% must be paid not less than 30 days before the start of the safari (or by an alternative date agreed between the client and Stir Uganda Safaris Limited). If you book less than 30 days before departure of the safari, you must pay for the safari in full (100%) as soon as you book, unless you make alternative arrangements with Stir Uganda Safaris Limited. This allows Stir Uganda Safaris enough time to finalize with the bookings for your safari services. If the client does not pay the balance by the agreed time, Stir Uganda Safaris Limited reserves the right to cancel the client’s booking or pursue any unpaid monies.

Cancellation Policy

Payment for the Safari is a fundamental part of the Safari financing and contributes to the overall cost of equipment, running costs, staffing, administration, etc. As Stir Uganda Safaris Limited will have incurred the majority of its costs before the start of the safari, we need to impose cancellation charges to cover these costs. Deposit of 20% is non-refundable. If you cancel your booking, we will impose cancellation charges as follows:

  • 30 days or more prior to departure of the safari– loss of the 20% initial deposit
  • 3-weeks before departure of the safari – loss of 25% of the safari package cost
  • 1-2 weeks before departure of the safari – 50% of the safari package cost
  • 6 or less days before departure of the safari – 80% of the safari package cost.

Tailor-made tours may be subject to alternative cancellation terms, which will be communicated to applicable Clients at the time of booking. All cancellations must be in writing and be made by the person who submitted the booking form. Please send an email to your contact at the Company, with a copy to info@stirugandasafaris.com. Once the Safari has started no refund for any unused portion or part of the tour or services to be provided will be given. If the client wants to make any changes to the safari program, or depart the safari early, such alteration or departure will be entirely at the clients own expense and liability. You will also need to communicate in writing to Stir Uganda Safaris Limited your reason for leaving the Safari.

Cancellation by Stir Uganda Safaris Limited

Stir Uganda Safaris Limited reserves the right to cancel the contract with the client for any reason prior to your payment of the full price of the trip. In this case, Stir Uganda Safaris Limited will refund in full any amount that you have already paid for the Safari. After you have paid in full, Stir Ugnada Sfaris Limited will only cancel the contract if circumstances beyond our control make it unavoidable. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, civil or political unrest, terrorism, natural disaster, or other force majeure circumstance. In the unlikely event that such circumstances arise, we will contact you immediately and offer you the choice of equivalent services in future or a full refund of all monies paid. No additional compensation will be paid over and above the total sum received by Stir Uganda Safaris Limited from the client.

Alteration of the Safari Itineraries

It is unlikely that Stir Uganda Safaris Limited will have to make changes to your program. However, we may occasionally have to make changes either before or after you have made your reservation for the safari. Most changes will be minor, and Stir Uganda Safaris Limited will advise you of such changes as soon as possible. Stir Uganda Safaris Limited reserves the right to alter the safari program after departure, without paying compensation, if it is in your interest to do so. Furthermore, Stir Uganda Safaris will not pay compensation if it is forced to cancel or in any way change the tour due to force majeure, such as war, riots, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, or other material external circumstances beyond the Stir Uganda Safaris Limited control.

Travel Insurance

Stir Uganda Safaris Limited is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances such as transport delays or cancellations; the failure of embassies or consulates to issue travel documents; the inaccessibility of certain tourist attractions due to the actions of government bodies; the actions or services of accommodation and other facilities visited during the safari; or incidents such as injury, illness, or loss of personal belongings.

Therefore, travel insurance is advisable for all Clients (Please contact your insurance company for advice). Each tourist is advised to arrange his or her own insurance with a reputable insurer, with protection for the full duration of the tour, to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, loss of luggage, and the expenses associated with cancellation or curtailment of the safari. If you become ill, all hospital expenses, doctor fees, and repatriation costs are your responsibility and Stir Uganda Safaris shall not be liable for any refund of the safari cost. If you do not have travel insurance at the beginning of the safari, please inform us and we will arrange coverage with an insurance company in Uganda for an additional fee.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The Traveller will be responsible for securing a visa to Uganda
  • Booking your safari 3 month or more in advance is advisable for guarantee of products and services of choice. This is because some products and services are quite on high demand especially in peak seasons. Off-peak season is usually April and November.
  • Gorilla permits will change from USD600 to USD700 by 1st July 2020
  • Gorilla Permit in Rwanda is sold at USD1500
  • Chimpanzee Permit is at USD200
  • Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits are usually on high demand, hence purchasing them 3 or more months before the commencement of the safari is highly recommended.
  • Rwenzori Mountain Climbing expedition may not take place if one does not buy Medical Evacuation Insurance cover.
  • Mountain climbing expedition requires one to be in good health condition
  • It is advisable for everyone to have a medical evacuation covering before embarking on a safari
  • Please carry your personal medication in case of some illnesses
  • Stir Uganda Safaris Cars come with an English speaking driver
  • Getting a German speaking; French speaking; Spanish speaking driver/guide aong others will require an additional USD80 per driver, per day
  • Using the car for a day means that the car is used between 07:00am and 06:00pm (this applies for the daily charge for car hire.
  • In Uganda cars are driven on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Credit and Debit cards are not widely used especially in small restaurants, small hotels and small shopping facilities; therefore tourists are advised to have enough cash on them for personal transactions throughout the Safari.
  • Stir Uganda Safaris will send a replacement car in case a car breaks down during the safari.
  • A soft drink offered with a meal as part of the package will be 300ml
  • The meals offered as part of the Safari Package will include: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • On some days of some Itineraries guests will have to be served with packed lunch.
  • We do not make appointments with nature; therefore it is not always a guarantee that one has to see a certain animal or bird during the safari. Some animals and birds may be sighted out of luck.
  • The animals in Uganda’s National Parks are wild animals; hence it is better to always keep at a safe distance from the animals. Abide by the instructions of your safari guide.
  • Tourists are not allowed to sit on top of the Safari cars during game drives. Fine is USD100 per incident, to be paid by the driver to Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA)
  • Speed limit in the National park is 40km/h or 25ml/h. Over speeding in the park is charged USD30 per incident.
  • Smart card loss is charged USD20.
  • Animal accident fee(Road kill) is USD500
  • Fine for late reschedule (Gorilla and Chimpanzee) surcharge is 25% of the permit fee.
  • Fine for tracking in a different location (Gorilla) is 50% of the permit fee.
  • Littering in the national park attracts a charge of USD30 per incident.
  • Hooting in the national park attracts a charge of USD30 per incident.
  • Tourists are not allowed to off-track during game drives. Fine is USD150 per person in the vehicle, to be paid by the driver to Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA)
  • Default on UWA tariffs attracts a fine of USD150 per defaulter.
  • Everyone must put on lifejackets during boat rides for safety.
  • Starting your game drives at 06:00am increases the chances of spotting animals that mostly feed at night
  • Try to stay at low tone during game drives so as not to scare-off animals.
  • Carry a pair of binoculars for closer view of birds and animals during the safari
  • Carrying a camera increases the memorability of the safari experience.
  • Carry insect/bug sprays for mosquitos, Tse tse flies and any other bugs
  • Sun screen cream will also be ideal for a safari in Uganda because sometimes the sun is too hot especially in dry season.
  • Travellers are advised not to come with too much luggage so as to leave baggage allowance for souvenirs
  • Accommodation used for Backpackers Package will be hostel, camping arrangement and some guesthouse accommodation
  • Accommodation used for Budget Package will be Camping and guesthouse accommodation
  • Mid-Range package Accommodation will have a maximum of 3 Star Accommodation service
  • High-End Accommodation will range from 4 star to 5 star accommodation service
  • Most roads in National Parks are quite bumpy and dusty, so one has to be prepared for the African massage
  • You are advised to drink only bottled water at the hotels and restaurants or bought from well-established stores as advised by the safari guide
  • All challenges and incidences during the safari should be reported directly to Stir Uganda Safaris Head Office (Tel/WhatsApp: +256(0) 778088521 or Email: info@stirugandasafaris.com)
  •  Most credit card companies charge 4-5% of the total transaction cost
  • Please request for permission before taking photographs of people at a place visited
  • The clients will incur money transfer charges to Stir Uganda Safaris company account
  • The current official emails for stir Uganda Safaris are: info@stirugandasafaris.com and md@stirugandasafaris.com
  • For any enquiries please use info@stirugandasafaris.com or call +256778088521