Stir Uganda Safaris


All visa prone nationalities must obtain Uganda visas to facilitate their entry into the  country. Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the  ports of entry in the country. All travellers to the Repubic of Uganda MUST have a valid  Yellow Fever Immunization card.  

Residents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda  travelling to any of the three countries can  now enter the alternative Partner State.  without paying for visas. 


Note: visas do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda and passports are  required for all and must be valid past the date of expected departure from Uganda.  

List of visa exempt nationalities i.e. nationals of countries that do not pay for  Uganda visas

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Comesa East Africa Others  

 Angola  

 Eritrea  

 Malawi  

 Madagascar  

 Seychelles  

 Swaziland  

 Zambia  

 Comoros  

 Kenya  

 Mauritius  

 Zimbabwe  

 Botswana 

 Tanzania  

 Rwanda  

 Kenya  

 Burundi 

 Antigua  

 Barbados  

 Fiji  

 Grenada  

 Lesotho  

 Sierra Leone  

 Solomon Islands,  The Grenadines  

 Vanuatu  

 Ghana  

 Cyprus  

 Bahamas  

 Belize  

 Gambia  

 Jamaica  

 Malta  

 Singapore  

 St. Vincent-Tonga  

 Ireland  

 Libya